Scope of Works
  • Structural temporary works design and implementation
  • Shoring
  • Lateral restraints
  • High Reach Demolition
  • Hot works cutting and lifting.

During an unprecedented storm, huge gas oil tanks had collapsed under high pressure due to a phenomenon which had only ever happened on a few occasions around the world and had been noted within press releases within the oil and gas industry. As a specialist contractor GTS were asked to review the tanks condition and design an engineered scheme to allow the tanks to be taken down safely and expeditiously. Through a serious of investigations, the management team from GTS designed a system which would allow the tanks to be taken down without risk of further failure from collapse. Through a series of lateral restraints GTS secured the tanks so that they could be removed safely and without incident.

  • Gulf Petrochem
  • Topaz Engineering
  • 1.24 Million
  • 2 Months
  • Mathew Thornton
  • Robert Smith
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