Dubai World Trade Centre

Scope of Works
  • Demolition of Pre-constructed pile caps to expose in ground piles and starter bars for re-configuration of a new build tower.
  • Floor Saw Cutting
  • Track / Wall Saw Cutting
  • Exposing Pile Cap
  • Structural Demolition
  • Raft Foundation
Project Summary

GTS were employed on the massive Dubai World Trade Centre site on a very complex and technically challenging project which involved the removal of massive pile caps from pile heads without compromising the integrity of the in-ground piles. The biggest consideration in designing the method for the pile cap removal was the surety that the piles would remain intact and that there would be no possible damage at deep level which may compromise the new structure. It had been designated by the client that a new high-rise structure would be built on existing piles which had historically be installed, this would involve the removal of huge pile caps and leaving starter bars intact to instigate a new building configuration. The project was both challenging and on impossible time lines but thanks to the designed method and abilities of the GTS team, GTS delivered the project within the tolerance of the engineers and on time. Again, the GTS team surpassed the expectations of the consultant team AECOM and its client.

  • DWTC
  • AFCC
  • 4.5 Million
  • 3 Months
  • Ken Bondico
  • Robert Smith
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