Dubai Mall Boulevard Expansion


Scope of Work
  • Floor by Floor Demolition
  • Structural Demolition
  • Facade Removal
  • Structural Engineering
  • Propping Systems
  • PT Slab Demolition
  • Saw Cutting
  • Wire sawing
  • Coring
  • Cut & Lift
  • Soft Strip

Project Summary

GTS have been involved from the very beginning of the Dubai Mall extensive expansion plans which have expanded from Fashion Avenue to Zabeel and now to Emaar Boulevard. GTS were employed to conduct huge retrospective demolition to allow for the Boulevard expansion operations. GTS demolished as part of our scope some forty five thousand square meters of car parking which included Post Tensioned beams and reinforced elements. The work has involved a great deal of structural engineering, solution finding, problem solving and detailing the best methods to overcome a great deal of issues which arose due to the nature of the work.


  • ASGC
  • 24 Million
  • 16 Months
  • Ken Bondico, Arman Andreas
  • Robert Smith
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